Our Mission

Working hard to achieve 100% utilization of second hand clothes is our commitment to make the world cleaner and people happier.

Our Values

  • Have fair and respectful attitude towards employees
  • Strive to constantly learn and improve ourselves
  • Strive to change
  • Be professional in everything we do
  • Teamwork
  • Positive thinking

What we do

Texima Team is a company in the second hand clothing industry. We work on helping recycling and re-wearing of clothes, which will make the environment cleaner and will enable people in regions of higher need to afford quality clothes.

What happens to the clothes you drop into our recycling bins?

  • The clothes are being sorted and packed by trained personnel.
  • The best clothes – those that are still in fashion and top condition are resold in thrift shops in regions of higher need, so that people there are able to buy quality clothes at affordable prices.
  • Second best clothes are sold to second hand clothing markets in less-developed countries.
  • Clothes that are not applicable for wearing anymore are recycled into rags and polishing clothes.
  • Dregs are recycled into new fiber that can be used for other new products.